Historical Recipes

These is a bunch of "historical" recipes -- old recipes from various historical periods, most of them from the Middle Ages and Late Antiquity.

Most of these recipes are from good historical sources. The ones that aren't are marked with an asterisk. Wherever I've changed anything from the historical recipe, I've mentioned it explicitly. That being said, please remember that this is not the work of an actual historian, and my primary aim is to have fun and cook some good dishes. If you are looking to improve your knowledge of history, I warmly recommend getting a real history book, written by a real historian.

General Remarks: start here if you're curious, but heed the warning about yours truly not being a historian:

Recipes from the Middle Ages

Ribollita: A Tuscan bread soup (*)

Florentine-Style Meat in a Baking Dish

Spiced wine (hypocras)


Ancient Recipes

Olive Relish