About Me

Now that you've reached littlejohn's homepage I might as well introduce myself, right?

Hi, I'm Little John. I'm a modest cyberspace citizen. I am the free avatar of a soul imprisoned in a tunic of flesh, like so many others: my light is fettered but I, its shadow, am unbound.

I have wandered these lands for more than twenty years now, and even lent a hand building them -- I am fluent in C, Python, Rust, the assembly language of several architectures, and a couple of other languages that are about as alive as Latin.

My fettered counterpart does programming to keep its fleshy prison from decaying, too, so I think that makes us... I mean, me, I guess that makes me, a programmer. The soldering iron and the oscilloscope on my desk make it a dubious label at times, though. I'm a retrocomputing enthusiast and a reluctant engineer.

I keep myself busy with many other things though. Chief among them are history, mythology, and philosophy. Sometimes I write stories. I hike a lot and visit strange places. Curiosity is alleged to have killed the cat, but if it did, at least it did not die stupid. I think that's a healthy way to approach life.

Wanna talk to me? That's easy! Drop me a line: it's what the Internet is all about in the end!