About This Site

What's this homepage thing?

So way back we didn't have blogs, and we didn't really have social media accounts. We had homepages, and they looked kind of like... well, like this.

They're kind of like a Facebook profile, but you get to build it yourself, out of things you make yourself, not things other made which you share. Also, it's yours, and others can look at it at their leisure. There's no pressure to "engage" with anyone (but if you wanna talk, we can talk!), and nobody really tracks who looks at what. I mean some people choose to do that on their homepages, but I don't. The format isn't fixed (no infinite-scrolling timeline), and you get tho choose what to read, when, in what order and so on.

There's a blog here, too -- you've probably spotted it in the navbar. I think it works for some things, but not for all. Some things just don't belong in a long series of posts in chronological order. I don't think blogs are bad, it's actually the part of this website that gets updated most often, too. But some things just don't belong in that format.

So what's the deal with this homepage?

This here is my deliberately non-professional website. IRL, I'm a programmer. Programming is my life. More than once it's been the only thing I've had. It's my profession: I respect it tremendously and I love it profoundly, with care and fear and reverence.

But the software industry? Oh fuck that. All those corporate-infused FOSS communities? Fuck those as well. This right here is a fuck all of that: the doublespeak, the entitlement, the passive-aggressive, formulaic language of the privileged, sheltered man-children who get high on Sillicon Valley stoicism. This place is where I come to get a break from all of that. This is partly why the things you'll find here are technical but generally not... you know, hardcore technical. I can't, and don't even want, to escape from being a programmer, but I do sometimes need a break from the world of "serious" tech.

So the looks? The looks is:

This isn't a fashion statement. Material design is a fashion statement. This is what the real Internet looks like.