Cyberdecks are Artefacts of the Mainframe Era

The Interwebsc go crazy over cyberdecks once in a while, but it rarely lasts, because people are eventually put off by their, well, lack of capability. They're cool but at the end of the day they're still a Raspberry Pi in a nice case: the novelty factor wears off and you need to message your aunt on Facebook (it's always fuckin' Facebook, I swear!) and at that point it becomes pretty obvious that you're holding what might as well be a ten year-old computer.

It seems that, like many other cyberthings, cyberdecks are just the product of a vivid imagination which, unfortunately, did not occupy a brain which possessed much knowledge of computers, right?

Well... yes and no. Because I think it's important to remember that cyberdecks come from another era. They coexisted not with ubiquitous personal computers, but with mainframes and BBSes. That's why modern cyberdecks, while modest computers, are also pretty good SSH boxes.

There are a lot of cool projects around them. Don't dimiss them: between ubiquituous cloud computing and cheap VPSs, these things may not be as anachronistic as they seem.

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